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Cubby Beds

Cubby Beds are state-of-the-art sleep solutions specially tailored for special needs. With features prioritizing sensory regulation, fall prevention, and control against wandering, these beds represent the pinnacle of thoughtful design and safety. Alongside their innovative design, the beds offer sensory and monitoring capabilities, ensuring an enhanced sleeping experience. Loved by families and highly recommended by medical professionals, Cubby Beds not only ensure a restful sleep but also deliver unparalleled peace of mind.

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Cubby Beds, with their innovative sleep aid functionalities, ensure users have a peaceful night. The bed’s circadian light system aids in setting a natural sleep rhythm, allowing users to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, ensuring restorative rest.

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Sensory Regulation

Equipped with specialized sensory features, Cubby Beds are designed for those who seek sensory balance. They offer sensory and monitoring functionalities, ensuring a calm environment. This attention to sensory details helps in reducing potential triggers, promoting relaxation, and assisting in overall well-being.

cam1 close 2 medical by baby's on broadway at baby’s on broadway, we understand the importance of reliable and durable medical equipment in your healthcare journey; whether it’s for you or someone you care about.


Safety is paramount in Cubby Beds. They come with a secure enclosure to prevent wandering, mesh and fabric doors for visibility and breathability, and safety alerts to notify caregivers of any potential risks, ensuring a protected sleep environment.

Enhancing Sleep & Safety

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Secure Enclosure

Designed to prevent unintentional wandering, offering caregivers and families peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe throughout the night.

Circadian Light System

A built-in lighting feature to set natural sleep rhythms, promoting faster sleep onset and enhanced sleep quality.

Mesh + Fabric Doors

Ensure visibility and breathability, providing comfort for the user while allowing caregivers easy monitoring.

Safety Alerts

Proactive notifications for caregivers allow for timely intervention, enhancing the overall safety of the user.

Sensory + Monitoring Features

Advanced tools tailored to regulate stimuli, fostering a calming sleep environment that reduces overstimulation and potential triggers.

App Enabled

Enables easy customization and remote control of bed features, ensuring a versatile solution tailored to individual needs while enhancing the user’s experience and well-being.

Peace of Mind with 
Remote Monitoring + Safety Alerts

pn img medical by baby's on broadway at baby’s on broadway, we understand the importance of reliable and durable medical equipment in your healthcare journey; whether it’s for you or someone you care about.

The Motion + feature offers advanced tracking, ensuring that any movement within the bed is promptly detected. This function is essential for caregivers and parents who want to monitor subtle shifts or restless behavior, ensuring the user’s safety and comfort throughout the night.

With the 24/7 Continuous Reading capability, caregivers can enjoy uninterrupted monitoring. This continuous data stream ensures that every significant activity or change in the user’s state is captured in real-time, allowing for instant responses or interventions if necessary.

The Cubby Bed is equipped with a high-definition video feature that ensures clear visibility, even in low-light conditions. The added night vision capability allows caregivers to monitor their loved ones even in complete darkness, ensuring safety and peace of mind at all hours.

The 2-Way Audio feature facilitates seamless communication between the user and the caregiver. Whether it’s a simple goodnight or a necessary check-in, this function ensures that users and caregivers remain connected, fostering a sense of security and comfort.

Benefits of Using Cubby: Addressing Safety and Sensory Needs

Many individuals often face challenges in achieving consistent and restful sleep. The Cubby Bed addresses these sleep disturbances with its features like the soothing circadian light and relaxing sounds. These elements help users settle down faster and enjoy prolonged, uninterrupted sleep cycles.

Elopement, or the act of wandering off unsafely, is a significant concern for caregivers. The Cubby Bed’s secure enclosure and securable doors have been designed to prevent this behavior. By offering a safe space that restricts unscheduled exits, the bed ensures the user’s safety throughout their rest.

For those prone to self-harming behaviors, the Cubby Bed offers features to minimize risks. Padded walls and dedicated safety features ensure that users are shielded from potential harm, offering caregivers peace of mind.

The risk of entrapment can be a significant concern for many. The Cubby Bed’s innovative design addresses this risk, ensuring users can sleep without the worry of becoming trapped or entangled.

Sensory overload can often result in heightened states of distress. The Cubby Bed caters to this with its sensory regulation capabilities. It fosters a calming environment, promotes self-regulation, and minimizes potential meltdowns.

The potential for falls is concerning, especially for those with mobility challenges. The Cubby Bed mitigates this risk through its design, ensuring users are safe and secure, reducing the chances of unintended falls.

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Cubby Beds FAQs

Cubby Plus and Cubby Basic are the same bed with ONE big difference. 


Cubby Plus has the tech hub integrated into the canopy of the bed. Features of the tech hub include a camera, circadian light, 2-way mics, environmental sensors, a soothing speaker, etc. These are beneficial features that provide remote monitoring and soothing sensory inputs for your loved one.


Cubby Basic does not come with a technology hub at all. This is the reason the Cubby Basic is at a lower price point as well.


Every Cubby Bed order (either variation) approved by Insurance/Medicaid comes with the bed frame, tensioned canopy, safety sheets (2), aromatherapy sleep spray, and a mattress.


If you’re planning to purchase out of pocket, the Cubby does not include a mattress. We offer quality mattresses that you can add on to your purchase or you are welcome to use another full-size mattress as long as it is 8′ to 10′ thick. Click here to view our available mattresses!

To help clarify the difference between a Cubby Plus and a Cubby Basic, refer to the table below.👇🏼


FeaturesCubby BasicCubby Plus
Tensioned Canopy
Bed Frame
Safety Sheet (2)
Aromatherapy Sleep Spray
Environmental Sensors 
Camera + 2-way Mics 
Circadian Light 
Soothing Speaker 

Having trouble assembling your Cubby Bed? We’ve got your back! 🫱🏻‍🫲🏻

The Cubby Bed User Manual, attached to the bottom of this article, will walk you through the steps to properly assemble your Cubby Bed. We have included pictures and detailed instructions to make the process as easy as possible.

Included in the Cubby Bed User Manual are the following:

  • User information + warnings
  • Assembly instructions
  • How to use the Cubby Bed
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance Checklist
  • How to care for your Cubby Bed

Before you begin, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and components. Remember to take your time and follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions or have encountered any issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Cubby Care Team for assistance. Send us an email at hello@cubbybeds.com. Let’s get started!


Download the Cubby Bed User Manual below. (If you have the Cubby Plus, you can also find the Tech Hub Manual here to help you set up your Tech Hub).👇️

The bed typically takes one adult 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to set up. Having another person as a helping hand will speed things up. Our personal set up record is 27 minutes!

We supply all the tools you need to set this up. And by all the tools, we mean 2 Hex keys. 🙂

The assembled bed without a mattress will weigh around 100 lbs., is very stable, and is too large to move around. Two adults can lift it to move it within a room. If you’re moving houses or rooms within the house, we recommend you disassemble the bed first then reassemble it in your desired location.

If requested, we do offer wheels for the feet of the bed that enable movement and also have locking brakes.

The Cubby Bed can be used by any age but most doctors recommend that babies do not transition from a crib into their regular bed until they are at least 3 years old.


The Bed uses a full-size mattress that is 75” long and 54” wide. This should accommodate most adults.


The Bed can support up to 1000 lbs.

To utilize the Safety Sheets, you must have a mattress that is between 8 – 10 inches thick. Anything larger than that will not work with the required Safety Sheets. We offer 2 mattresses that are a perfect fit for your Cubby.

You do not need a box spring either! Our mattress slats will work with any mattress.

Your Cubby Bed comes with everything your kiddo will need to have a safe sleep!

The Cubby Plus includes:

  • Technology Hub: Light, Speaker, Camera, and iOS/Android Apps
  • Canopy
  • Steel Frame Poles & Connectors
  • Mattress Slats
  • Mattress: included with insurance coverage, extra if private pay
  • Two (2) Safety Sheets
  • Removable Pocket
  • Removable Window/Door Straps
  • Steel Ring Holes: at the head/foot of the bed for cords, feeding tubes, etc.
  • Wheels or Permanent Foot Mounts (optional)

The Cubby Basic includes all of the above except for the technology hub and the optional wheel/floor mounts.

The Cubby Bed can be assembled by a single person in about 90 minutes. Having 2 people working on the bed will make things easier. Below is an item list of what comes with every Cubby Bed order for reference. There is also an item list in the Assembly Guide included with the Cubby Bed. Make sure you have all the pieces you need before assembling! 1. Poles
  • #1 Top End (2)
  • #2 Vertical Corners (4)
  • #3 Bottom Length (4)
  • #4 Bottom End (2)
  • #5 Top Arch (4)
2. Connectors
  • #6 Arch Connectors (2)
  • #7 Length Connector (2)
  • #8 Top Corner Connector (4)
  • #9 Bottom Corner L Connector (2)
  • #10 Bottom Corner R Connector (2)
3. Canopy
  • Dual fabric + mesh Canopy enclosure (1)
4. Safety Sheets
  • Innovative microfiber zipper sheet (2)
5. Blue Accessories
  • Eyes (4)
  • Ears (4)
  • Feet (4)
6. Hardware
  • Screws (32)
  • S-Clips (3)
  • Locks (2)
  • Hex Key
  • Velcro Straps (4, to secure slats to the frame)

Helpful Tips

1. Mattress slats don’t fit on the frame
  • This is typically caused when the poles and connectors are not fully pushed together. Loosening the corner connectors and pushing all poles in as much as possible will help make sure there is no extra space.
  • A fully assembled frame will measure 87 in L x 54 in W x 72 in H when completed correctly.
2. Canopy is too tight
  • If you are having trouble zipping the Canopy around the frame, you may have a couple of poles not fully pushed together. Checking each connector and pushing in the corresponding pole as much as possible may help give you a bit more slack for the canopy. This is the most common reason for the tight canopy and is the most efficient troubleshooting tip.
  • The doors may be tight for the first few times. Try unzipping all the entry points of the Cubby (the 3 doors) and see if this slack allows for the canopy to zip onto the frame.
  • Stretching the canopy can help the material relax around the frame as the canopy uses a unique tension padding design. To see how to do this, check out our videos here.
3. Missing Parts
  • Double-check the items that are missing based on the list of Cubby items above or from the Cubby User manual included in your order. If something is missing, please send us an email at sales@babiesonbroadway.com with the following information:
    • First and Last name
    • Order #/PO #
    • Parts that are missing
  • Please allow us 24 to 48 business hours to review your email and respond to your request.
Is anything not on this list? Reach out to us on email us at sales@babiesonbroadway.com and we’re happy to help you!

Cubby Beds are proudly designed and assembled in Colorado, USA.

The Frame

The frame is made from galvanized and powder-coated steel for long-term durability.

The Fabric

Our fabric is a solution-dyed acrylic that is ultra-tough and stain resistant. No chemical flame retardants have been added to the fabric ensuring it’s safe for your kiddo. The fabric meets or exceeds the following flame retardancy standards: California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 Class 1; NFPA 260:2013 Class 1; UFAC 1990

The Tech Hub

Our integrated Tech Hub is provided by leading electronics manufacturers.

Although our canopies are made from an ultra-tough fabric, accidents do happen.

As soon as you see a rip, discontinue use and carefully remove the canopy from the frame to prevent further tears.

Contact us immediately and we will support you through the next steps.

Accidents happen!

The good news is that the safety sheets can be machine washed. If the side walls are affected, it is best to spot clean by blotting with a clean dry cloth for small messes. You can use diluted bleach to sanitize if needed.

We also offer an additional accessory to protect the mattress and prolong its life if you’re interested!

You can spot clean with bleach on the grey fabrics without risking any color damage.

The pockets, edges, and straps may have minor color changes but their integrity will not be affected.

We recommend that you hand wash or spot clean the canopy but in case of a big bedroom disaster, you can machine wash it.

Keep in mind to close all zippers first when washing. Machine wash in cold water on the delicate cycle with normal amounts of mild laundry detergent. Allow fabric to air dry.

The canopy can only be air-dried. A clothesline is ideal but you can also hang it over a stand or on the Cubby Bed frame.

Please do not put it in the dryer as it may damage the zippers and seams. 

Accidents happen… luckily your canopy has tough stain-fighting abilities! 

With a new spill or stain on your canopy, blot (don’t rub) liquid spills with a clean, dry cloth.

For oil-based spills, apply an absorbent such as corn starch, then remove it with a straight edge. Spray on a mild cleaning solution of soap (such as Dawn or Woolite) and water. Rinse the fabric thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Air dry.

If that doesn’t fully remove the stain, apply a solution of water and mild dish soap again, and then use a sponge or soft bristle brush to agitate the stained area. Blot the stain dry with a clean cloth.

Thank you for choosing a Cubby Bed!

We are so happy that you’ve joined our Cubby family and hope that we get to know you more! The Cubby Care Team looks forward to further assisting you and your family if you ever need it.

  • Guiding you on features of the Cubby Bed
  • Tips to help eliminate/reduce co-sleeping
  • Any repairs or replacements needed

Yes — we proudly stand behind our products!.

The Cubby has 4 essential safety features:
  • The safety sheet
  • Tension padding
  • Remote monitoring
  • Securing zipper pockets on all entry points
In this article, you will learn the importance of each feature and how they support keeping your kiddo safe.

Safety Sheet

A critical feature of the Cubby is that it eliminates the risk of entrapment and burrowing. The innovative design exceeds the FDA’s 7 Zones of Entrapment guidelines and provides far more safety than traditional beds. Each Cubby Bed comes with a set of two (2) sheets that integrate and secure into the side walls of the canopy to keep your kiddo safe. They’re made of breathable microfiber and are available.

Tension Padding

The Cubby Bed does not use any foam or padding as this stuff can be harmful and toxic to not only the environment but more importantly, your kiddo. Instead, we’ve opted for a unique design in our canopy that we like to refer to as ‘Tension Padding’. The tension comes from the fabric used in the canopy being tautly stretched across our custom frame. It truly allows for a safe place during moments when your kiddo needs to release energy or cannot control their movements by cocooning them safely inside the Cubby Bed.

A securing zipper pocket at each entry point

A feature designed specifically for those little Houdinis who seem to escape their rooms no matter what! Our zipper pocket allows you to safely secure your kiddo inside with peace of mind that they will remain in the Cubby Bed throughout the night. This feature is very beneficial to ease the concerns of families who have children that elope.

Remote monitoring

From a phone or tablet, moms and dads far and wide can check in on their kiddo to ensure they are safe and sound. The Tech Hub includes a 1080p camera that offers night vision, a feature for recording, and an option for a customizable grid that can track large movements inside the Cubby Bed. There is an app to set up notifications as well. If your child is up late, jumping around in their bed – you can receive a notification about that! There is also a 2-way mic inside the camera. Being able to remotely speak to your kiddo enables you to calm them down during harder-to-handle meltdowns and safely soothe them inside of their Cubby Bed. It also can be used to greet your child each morning before entering their room to provide them with a little independence if that is what your child needs. The wonderful thing is that all of these features are customizable to serve the unique needs of each child who has a Cubby!
The Cubby has 3 essential features that can help provide better sleep to your family. These include the following:
  1. Tech Hub
    • Circadian Light
    • Soothing Speaker
  2. Canopy
    • Blocks Light
    • Muffles Sounds
  3. Accessories on CubbyBeds.com
    • Mattress
    • Weighted Blanket
In this article, you will learn more info on how these features can provide your family with happier days and calmer nights.

Tech Hub

The Tech Hub is an additional accessory of the Cubby Bed that can provide brighter mornings and better nights to you and your family! Two main features that can help with sleep include the Circadian Light and a Soothing Speaker. The Circadian Light fades in or out like a sunset which provides a signal that it is time to relax and sleep. Also, the extended use of Circadian Light can improve your kiddos’ natural circadian rhythm! On the other hand, the Soothing Speaker provides a calming environment and masks unwanted noise with pre-loaded nature sounds and white noise. There is also an option to connect your phone or tablet to play your child’s favorite music, sounds, or sleep stories via the aux input.


The breathable canopy has two main features that help with sleep, as it blocks light and muffles sounds. Studies show that the absence of light can help with sleep because it helps regulate the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is produced in the brain and helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. Having the Cubby Bed’s fabric canopy doors enclosed creates a dark environment which then helps your child’s body to produce more melatonin and promote better sleep. In addition to this, the canopy can also limit any outside noise that can cause possible disturbance to your child while he/she sleeps. By muffling sounds, you can create a quieter, more peaceful environment that is more conducive to sleep for your child.

Accessories on CubbyBeds.com

Two great accessories of Cubby Beds that support a good night’s sleep for your loved ones are the mattress and the weighted blanket. The gel memory foam mattress offers a great sleep experience. It also gives all-day support and a plush but firm feel. In addition, the mattress has a high-quality top layer of memory foam that gently contours to your loved one’s curves for exceptional pressure point relief. A gel swirl treatment draws heat away to provide a temperature-neutral environment. Another amazing accessory that can help your child sleep soundly and peacefully is the weighted blanket. Findings show that people who use a weighted blanket often notice they stay asleep longer, have fewer disruptions to their sleep, and experience overall improved sleep. Some reports say it helps people, especially kids, to fall asleep faster. Another thing is that the weighted blanket increases serotonin which impacts the sleep-wake cycle. The blanket regulates sleep stages and impacts the depth of sleep. Cubby Bed’s weighted blanket also helps in cocooning your kiddos which reduces movements during the night, leading to a more restful sleep.

This article will provide more context on the sensory regulation features of a Cubby Bed. Such features include the following:

  1. Tech Hub
    • Circadian light
    • Speaker with a sound machine
  2. Canopy
    • Dual fabric doors + mesh
    • Muffles sounds and customizes light input


The Cubby Bed’s Tech Hub has great sensory features. The light from the Circadian Light fades out like a sunset which provides a psychological cue for kiddos to relax and sleep. In the same manner, the light slowly turns on like a sunrise which cues them that it is time to wake up. Extended use of circadian light has the ability to improve your kiddos’ natural circadian rhythm! How cool is that?


Another sensory feature included with the Circadian Light is a built-in sound machine! This provides a customized calming environment unique to your child’s needs as well as muffles unwanted noise. There is also the option to connect your phone or tablet to play your child’s favorite music, sounds, or sleep stories via the aux input.


Parents know their kids the best — the Tech Hub is optional. The Cubby Basic is the option without the Tech Hub and includes a cover in its place that is made from the same durable fabric as the rest of the canopy.


One of the amazing sensory benefits of the Cubby Bed’s canopy is its Dual fabric doors. Each door has a heavy-duty mesh. The customized doors help in controlling light and darkness inside the bed. Also, the heavy-duty mesh and overall canopy limit the outside noise that cause possible disturbance to your child.

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