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Elitone: Your Incontinence Solution - Now Offered through Baby's on Broadway's DME Services

We’re proud to announce that the groundbreaking ELITONE and ELITONE URGE, designed to combat stress and urge incontinence respectively, are now available through the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) services at Baby’s on Broadway.


These FDA-cleared and doctor-recommended devices represent a non-invasive, effective approach to treating bladder leaks.

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Transform Your Life with ELITONE®: The Solution to Incontinence

Ditch the pads.
Stop your leaks.

Why keep wearing pads to absorb your leaks when you could wear ELITONE® and eliminate them? 


ELITONE is a first-of-its-kind, external pelvic stimulator that’s worn under your clothes for just 20 minutes a day.


Whether you have stress or urge incontinence, after just 6 weeks ELITONE will have you jumping for joy (and staying dry while you do it)!

Goodbye leaks, hello confidence!

elitone device
woman sliding elitone control device into her pocket in front of a mirror

Not your normal anymore.

Leaking is common. But it doesn’t have to be your normal. ELITONE is perfect for you if you are:


  • cutting workouts short because of leaks


  • recovering from childbirth


  • working and too busy for in-office treatments


  • retired and young at heart


  • wanting an active life without leaks

Be the Boss of Your Bladder™!

Fewer leaks in weeks.

The patented PMW technology inside delivers advanced neuromuscular stimulation that directly targets your internal muscles, while being gentle on the surface.

  • ELITONE exercises weak pelvic floor muscles (Kegels done for you)

  • ELITONE URGE calms overactive bladder muscles

Thoughtfully engineered, clinically tested, and FDA cleared to reduce bladder leaks.

Live your Life Leak Free® with ELITONE.

elitone control device

Elitone's Distinct Innovations: Exploring the Two Unique Medical Devices

Introducing ELITONE and ELITONE URGE, groundbreaking solutions to stress and urge incontinence. Available through Baby’s on Broadway’s DME services, these FDA-cleared, doctor-recommended devices offer a non-invasive, effective approach to bladder leaks. Choose one of the two devices to meet your unique needs:

elitone device sitting in front of the elitone box with a product of the year award stamped on the photo


The starter kit includes:
  • ELITONE device
  • 10 GelPads (2 packs of 5) for 6 weeks of treatments
The Bundle includes:
  • ELITONE device
  • 30 GelPads (6 packs of 5) for 12 weeks of treatment.
elitone urge device sitting in front of the elitone urge box and packs of gel pads from elitone


The starter kit includes:
  • ELITONE URGE device
  • 10 GelPads (2 packs of 5) for 6 weeks of treatments
The Bundle includes:
  • ELITONE URGE device
  • 30 GelPads (6 packs of 5) for 12 weeks of treatment.

Which ELITONE is right for me?

ELITONE comes in two versions, one to treat stress incontinence and one to treat urge incontinence. Check below to help you decide which version is best for you.

I leak when I laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise

This is called stress incontinence. When pressure builds in your bladder, your pelvic floor muscles aren’t able to keep pee from leaking out.


The ELITONE device is intended to treat stress incontinence. It outputs a signal that contracts your pelvic floor muscles, just like doing Kegel exercises. It also outputs a signal that relaxes your bladder. Each 20 minutes session you’ll get the equivalent of 100 Kegel contractions.

I leak after feeling a sudden urge to urinate

This is called urge incontinence. Your bladder muscles are contracting suddenly and unintentionally, causing urine to leak.  Although the cause isn’t usually known, it is quite common in older women, and most find it very bothersome.


The ELITONE URGE device is intended to reduce those leaks. It outputs a signal that calms the muscles and nerves that are causing the urgency. Women who use ELITONE URGE reported fewer leaks and less pad use after just 6 weeks of use.

Um... Can I say both?
(yes, that's very common)

This is very common. 35% of women with incontinence have both stress and urge leaks. The question is just how much you have of each.


We recommend treating with the original ELITONE device because it delivers signals that both contract AND relax the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding tissues.

Make sure to tell us the product you need when filling out the form.

Make sure to tell us the product you need when filling out the form.

Make sure to tell us the product you need when filling out the form.

Elitone FAQs


ELITONE® is FDA-cleared for use without a prescription.

ELITONE is used at your convenience in the privacy of your home. A GelPad is placed on your perineal (pubic) area, then connected to a tiny controller. After putting on your clothes, clip the controller to your waistband, and press a button to start the treatment. During treatment, you can walk around and continue your daily routine. After 20 minutes of treatment, the controller turns off automatically. A User Manual accompanies the device and includes easy-to-follow instructions. There is also a how to start using ELITONE video available.


buy elitone external pelvic floor medical by baby's on broadway at baby’s on broadway, we understand the importance of reliable and durable medical equipment in your healthcare journey; whether it’s for you or someone you care about.

Women report a tingling sensation where the GelPad contacts the skin. Internally, you should feel stimulation for 6 seconds then 6 seconds of “rest.” This sequence repeats 100x during the treatment. A few minutes into the treatment, your skin may feel a little numb. ELITONE treatment is based on a proven pelvic floor therapy called electrical muscle stimulation (e-stim). The device’s signal is similar to the current your brain uses to tell muscles to contract. Internally, you should feel a tightening for 6 seconds. ELITONE URGE treatment is based on neurostimulation around the bladder directly. You may feel a pulsing for 6 seconds, but not a tightening.

Treatment outcomes vary by individual. Most women see a continued reduction in leaks after the initial 6-week therapy. We recommend periodic follow-up treatment sessions. For some women, this may be 3–4 sessions after a few months. For others, this may be a weekly maintenance session. After using ELITONE, some women have a better understanding of their pelvic floor muscles and can perform Kegels more effectively on their own for maintenance.

Most women do not need to shave or wax, but trimming hair is often helpful. The gel used in the GelPads can be applied over hair and will not pull hair when removed. However, there does need to be good skin contact. Some women in our clinical study said they shaved or trimmed hair for best results.

Some women report similarities to Kegel exercises with ELITONE, but not all. A common reason for ineffective Kegels according to one study is 25% of women do not perform Kegels correctly. They either contract the wrong muscles or fail to hold the contraction long enough, often because the muscles are already so weak. ELITONE does the Kegels longer and stronger than you can on your own. ELITONE also focuses on the muscles surrounding the urethra, instead of the entire pelvic floor structure. ELITONE URGE will not feel like Kegels.

Perhaps. The biggest factor we saw with the speed of improvement is the degree of intensity coupled with consistency of treatment. You can treat more than the recommended schedule, but remember your pelvic floor muscles need to recover after a “workout,” and just as with regular exercise, it’s possible to fatigue the muscles, reducing the benefit.

Rest assured, as an FDA-cleared device, it has passed all biocompatibility tests. The gels in the GelPads are non-toxic hydrogels, which means it is mostly salt-water. The gel is slightly sticky and originates from the wound-care industry, which means that it does NOT pull hair and is very gentle.

We get this question a lot. A stronger pelvic floor does often lead to more sexual sensation or better orgasms. While we cannot make any specific claims regarding ELITONE, many customers (and their partner) notice a difference in the bedroom.

ELITONE is FDA-cleared as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence in women, and ELITONE URGE for urge incontinence. This means that it was found to be both safe and effective. The most common side effects are skin irritation and muscle fatigue, and these most often occur when the device is used more than the recommended amount. Both are typically addressed by taking a few days off from treatment. When you receive your ELITONE it is important to thoroughly read the User Manual. It explains proper operation and how to avoid misuse. To read a complete list of contraindications, you can click here.

Is ELITONE right for me?

When I have stress incontinence (bladder leaks with physical movement)? 


ELITONE is designed to tone the pelvic floor muscles underneath the bladder. Many women have both stress and urge incontinence, and ELITONE does sends out signals known to treat both types (but more for stress incontinence). When you have urgency or an overactive bladder, a stronger pelvic floor can also help you get to the toilet without an accident. If you have both types (mixed incontinence), we recommend the original ELITONE device, which is FDA-cleared for stress incontinence. If you have NO stress incontinence symptoms, we recommend ELITONE URGE.


When I have urge incontinence or OAB (feel an urgency to rush to the bathroom)?


ELITONE URGE is designed to calm the overactive bladder. It sends out neurostimulation for calming signals, and is FDA-cleared for urge incontinence.  It does not send any muscle contracting signals. If you only have urge incontinence or OAB leaks, or are mostly bothered by this type, then we recommend ELITONE URGE. Many women say the original ELITONE helps with their urgency and night wakings as well.

ELITONE and ELITONE URGE act and look similar. They use the same GelPads and are 20 minute treatments used once a day for the initial treatment period.  The difference is in the signal output.


  • ELITONE sends out 4 seconds for stress (muscle toning) + 2 seconds for urge (calming)


  • ELITONE URGE sends 6 seconds for urge (calming)

Have a sling?


Yes. ELITONE can be used with the sling in place.


Have an IUD?


It depends. ELITONE can be used with hormonal IUDs (Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta, and Skyla) but cannot be used with the copper IUD (Paraguard).


Have a hip implant?


No. If you have a metal hip implant, ELITONE can not be used.


Had a hysterectomy?


Yes. A hysterectomy would not affect the use of the ELITONE device because your pelvic floor muscles are still intact.


Please review the Indications and Contraindications for other situations.

When I am overweight?


Yes. Our studies have found no correlation between weight/BMI and efficacy.


When I have prolapse?


For early stages of prolapse, many doctors recommend Kegel exercises. The ELITONE does Kegel exercises longer and stronger than you could on your own, so if your doctor has recommended that you do Kegel exercises, ELITONE could help. Please check with your doctor.


Please review the Indications and Contraindications for other situations.

The GelPads are designed to fit female anatomy. In the future, Elitone hopes to offer a similar product for men.

You should not use the device during pregnancy.


After childbirth, ELITONE is perfect to help you “get your normal back” quickly. We recommend waiting 6 weeks after you deliver but consult your doctor about using ELITONE earlier.


For those planning on getting pregnant and wondering if they should wait until after childbirth, we encourage you to have a strong pelvic floor BEFORE you deliver so that you can recover quickly. ELITONE trains you about which muscles to contract during Kegels so that you can keep your pelvic floor fit on your own during pregnancy.

The pelvic floor muscles do a lot to support everything above it, including the uterus and bladder. As the muscles weaken, the organs above it often start to drop (prolapse).


If the condition is mild, doctors often recommend Kegel exercises to help support the organs. If this is the case, ELITONE may help because that’s the purpose of the device. However, if the prolapse condition is severe, ELITONE is less likely to help. Please consult your doctor.

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